Find happiness, build confidence, feel relaxed, and heal yourself

I'm Liz and I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Sound Healer. My office is in Colorado but I hypnotize clients near and far (in person or on video chat).

I use hypnosis to help individuals work through current challenges - while clearing anxiety, healing past trauma and retraining the mind to be happy and relaxed.

I also use hypnosis to help clients manage chronic pain and illness; and to dissociate from physical discomfort.


I love the transformations we can make by using hypnosis as a form of therapy. And, everyone must know - hypnotherapy is really fun!

Just like a software engineer can revamp and update a computer to make it better, smarter, faster, stronger and healthier - we can do this with our minds. How fascinating!

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Free 20 minute consultation on phone or in person.

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