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childbirth prep


     learn Pain ControL

learn Dissociation methods

learn Relaxation Techniques

Clear Negative Expectations

Clear fears and past traumas

learn the use of Positive words

Program confidence


Women who use hypnosis for childbirth are mentally calmer and physically more relaxed, allowing the body to work its magic without any added tension and stress.

Liz will teach you how to induce yourself into hypnosis before your big day to relax your body, alleviate pressure, minimize discomfort and maximize joy.

Throughout each trimester you will enter hypnosis to program positivity. Your mind is connected to your baby's mind - so being relaxed and flooding your subconscious with positivity is also nurturing to your baby.

Liz's work is different than HypnoBirthing, as she mainly focuses on clearing past trauma, current fears, boosting the immune system and teaching pain dissociation. While HypnoBirthing techniques are part of the hypnosis work, it is not the main focus of the work. Liz's work empowers mom and dad to work together to be the best versions of themselves prior to inviting baby into the world.