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Emotional Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not limited to the following. If your need is not listed, please call to discuss.


anxiety and fears.

Whether you have a fear of the dentist or anxiety surrounding public speaking, work to reverse the mental anguish associated with these uncomfortable feelings. Learn to induce trance before a potentially frightening event.



Allow yourself to grieve naturally by accepting emotions and letting them go. Move through a sequence of techniques to find comfort in knowing that your energy is divine. Find a healthy balance to your grief and forgive the process in the meantime.



If you have an extreme phobia and it's getting in the way of you living a normal life, use the power of hypnosis to desensitize the horrific event that caused it. Don't remember the event? Your subconscious does.


relationship issues.

Enable love in your current and future life by releasing years of baggage in a short amount of time. Choose to be a loving partner, parent, sibling and friend. If you are confused about a current relationship, pull the weeds and make a decision with the help of therapy.



If you feel lonely and defeated in a deep-seated state of sadness or if you have a tendency to feel depressed for an unreasonable amount of time after a life event, practice hypnosis to free yourself and clear your restraining blockages to control your emotions.



Lack of self-esteem inhibits you from knowing yourself. Without self-confidence, there is no room for growth. Master the art of loving yourself, challenging yourself, and finding your true potential through hypnotic suggestion.


smoking cessation.

Say goodbye to cigarettes for good. This unique protocol teaches you to taper off while also addressing deep-rooted issues that are causing you stress and catalyzing your cravings. 


spiritual growth.

Be hypnotized into the world of your own spirit to understand your life's purpose(s), karma and more. Regression and dream interpretation therapies are mystical and eye-opening. Interpret your own dreams by analyzing them while in trance.


trauma recovery.

Traumatic events are carried with you throughout your life. They affect your ability to trust, make healthy decisions, have long-lasting relationships, and navigate through negative situations. Learn to free up your pain and view life through a different lens.


unwanted habits.

When your conscious decisions don't match your subconscious wisdom, it's easy to feel confused and resentful towards yourself. Conquer your unwanted habits by aligning your inner goals with your external choices.

Every session is unique to you as an individual and is tailored to your specific reason for visiting.