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Spiritual growth.


Be hypnotized into the world of your own spirit to understand your life's purpose(s), karma and more. Regression and dream interpretation therapies are mystical and eye-opening. Interpret your own dreams by analyzing them while in trance.

Past Life Regression therapy allows you to understand yourself better in current time. Address karma, questions and behaviors that you've been carrying with you through multiple lives. If you don't believe in past lives, you can still benefit from the concept of viewing other versions of yourself through prompts of guided imagery.

Dream interpretation therapy is also incredible. Our dreams are windows into our subconscious. If you've ever inquired about the meaning of your dreams from an outside source (like the internet), perhaps you've already become aware of those ideas being a little far-fetched. Your dreams mean something to you and no one else. Only you can interpret your own dreams. If you have a recurring nightmare or something else you want to understand through the symbolism of your dreams, you've come to the right place!