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Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Medical Support Hypnotherapy does not replace your current treatment(s) with your physician(s).

Medical Support Hypnotherapy is not limited to the following. If your need is not listed, please call to discuss.


accelerated healing.

Visualize your body healing through anatomical imagery and hypnotic suggestion, creating the perfect combination to be on a smoother, faster road to recovery. Accelerated healing therapy can save you money and 1-3 days of time in the hospital.


childbirth preparation.

Learn specific childbirth hypnosis through each trimester to prepare you for your big day. Induce yourself into trance before labor to relax your body, alleviate pressure, minimize pain and maximize joy.


chronic pain and illness.

Learn numbing techniques to diminish or omit chronic pain. Be it migraines, muscle tension, menstrual cramps, after-effects of an accident, or pain from a chronic illness, enter into a state of hypnosis whenever you need relief.


pre-op and surgery.

Learn specialized surgery hypnosis to calm your nerves and visualize positive post-op outcomes. When under anesthesia, your subconscious mind is still receptive to your outside surroundings. Enter a state of trance before surgery to choose your subconscious whereabouts.


sleeping issues.

The inability to sleep through the night is extremely agonizing. Discover what is causing your lack of sleep, and then use necessary hypnotic sleep techniques to reverse it. Retrain your mind to rest peacefully on a regular basis.


treatment relief and side effects.

Ease yourself from severe side-effects caused by prescribed drugs or hospital-administered treatments. Help with nausea, fatigue, changes in libido, and numerous other side effects that hinder your daily life.


weight loss.

Outside forces can cause inside reactions, slowing your metabolism or increasing your urge to make unhealthy choices. Get to the root of these issues and work on specific techniques to pursue a satisfying lifestyle.

Every session is unique to you as an individual and is tailored to your specific reason for visiting.