Vibrational sound healing.

Vibrational sound therapy is deeply relaxing.

This restful state slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels - melting away feelings of tension and stress.

As a client, you will typically lay on a massage table as vibrational sound bowls are placed on your body or on the table around you (whichever you prefer). The gentle striking of each bowl relaxes you more and more, and sometimes you will fall in and out of sleep during a session.

The sound therapy at Healthy Heights is not loud nor high pitched. The focus is to feel the soothing vibrations combined with calming resonating tones - allowing you to sink into ultimate tranquility.

Sound healing session Pricing

60 minute session: $85

90 Minute session: $120

Package of 3 sessions: $10 off each session

Free 20 minute consultation on phone or in person.

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